Year 10 TOLL Work Inspiration

Work Inspiration

At the beginning of Term 2 eight Year 10 students accepted an opportunity to take part in the first TOLL Work Inspiration Program at St Andrews College. The students didn’t know what the Work Inspiration Program meant nor what was expected of them. However they accepted the challenge put before them and from the first meeting embraced the concepts and tasks of Work Inspiration.

Work Inspiration is a program where students have the opportunity to experience the workplace in an engaging way. During the program the students and the staff from TOLL Express collaborated together to learn from each other. 

Work Inspiration has three Insights, which underpin the program. They are:

  • Insight One – All about me – this is where students had a conversation with employees from TOLL Express to identify their individual traits, attributes and interests.
  • Insight Two Look behind the scene – in this insight students learnt about the many varied roles at TOLL Express. TOLL staff gave great examples of the TOLL culture, expectations and employment opportunities. Mr Jamie Primmer, State Manager of TOLL Express explained to the students how important it is to have a good work ethic, that a willingness to learn and being on time and attending every day are very important. The Work Inspiration students also learnt that safety around the workplace and a supportive organisational culture is paramount for success.
  • Insight Three – Careers Happen – during this insight the students had the opportunity to learn that careers are an evolving process and that sound education and training are vital to career success. Students also learnt that seizing opportunities as they become available during a person’s career make for a more rewarding and interesting career journey.

An exciting element of the Work Inspiration Program, and an activity that included support from the St Vinnies Group, was a clothing drive for Indigenous youth in Wilcannia.  Sister Maureen Healy from Wilcannia asked for donations of hoodies and socks. In less than two weeks the students and staff donated four boxes of clothing.

At TOLL the Work Inspiration students measured, weighted and labelled their boxes ready for shipment to Wilcannia. On the last visit to TOLL students were able to track their parcels for Sister Maureen. During this session TOLL employees explained to the students the process of delivering freight. Students gained knowledge in the policies and procedures that TOLL staff need to follow to ensure the customer’s freight arrives safely and on time.

During the second visit to TOLL the students interviewed TOLL staff including section managers to learn about the career pathways, skills and talents they have to successfully perform their roles at TOLL. In workshops back at school the Work Inspiration students prepared a PowerPoint presentation illustrating the career journey for each of the four TOLL staff they interviewed. On the last visit to TOLL the students impressed the TOLL Managers and staff with their Career Story Boards.

During the four-week Work Inspiration Program the students had the opportunity to developed interpersonal skills, teamwork skills, computer skills, public speaking skills, photography skills and their knowledge of the workplace.

The inaugural Year 10 Work Inspiration students were:

  • Chris Alveras
  • Evillin Batay
  • Stephanie Enfield
  • Ellien Fadlalla
  • Tye Hosley
  • Jesse Lipovac
  • Ashley Russell
  • Alaina Vella

It was my absolute pleasure to have worked with these students. Their growth and engagement in the TOLL Work Inspiration Program is to be commended.

I was very pleased, but not surprised, when the TOLL Express State Manager, Jamie Primmer commented that St Andrews College was a caring school.

Therese May

Careers Adviser