St Vincent de Paul Junior Campus

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The St Vincent de Paul Society was founded by a 20-year-old student named Frederic Ozanam in 1833. It was established by like minded individuals who wished to put their faith into action and here on the Junior Campus of St Andrews College, we have a group of 40 “Vinnies” students from Year 10 who are doing just that! They are:

 Zach Chambers

 Sahibjot Nijjar

 Melissa Aung

 Kathryn Garcia

 Ethan Gumaka

 Kual Deng

 Shang Abol

 Cinthia Thind

 Daeyna Simpson

 Immanuel Medina

 Francisco Leitatitiumu

 Rachel Kahlil

 Ashlyn Philip

 Monalisa Rafiq

 Allyssa Perez

 Jade Roy

 Isabelle Louise

 Achiek Chol

 Daniella Goncalves

 Andrew Azzi

 Nathan Shiber

 Natalie Robbie

 Mikayla Garland

 Lachlan Duff

 Priya Patel

 Shivani Raman

 Holly Pham

 Victoria Cabral

 Hashwitta Maynoor

 Sonali Singh

 Larysa Trotnar

 Natasha Ciappara

 Telicia Saunders

 Nic Chillcot

 Samson Logali

 Mijwok Mugo

 Francis Galang

 Daniel Bannister

 Mary Akinba

 Hushiti Raikar

 Danny Abadier







vday 2018 5

The first of our two events this term were the Valentine’s Day Roses. This is an annual events and very much looked forward to by staff and students.

We pre-sold, prepared and then delivered 400 roses on the Junior Campus, many of which chose to take their roses home to their family and friends spreading love and friendship in our community.

vday 2018 4

vday 2018 6

Our second event held on Shrove Tuesday was Pancakes! We mixed, cooked and sold a HUGE 18L of pancake batter! These were served topping and fresh cream, but you had to be quick as we sold out by half way through lunch.

pancakes 2018 5

Both events helped us raised valuable funds for St Vincent de Paul and this goes towards their work helping those disadvantaged and vulnerable in our community.

Thank you to all the students, their families and staff that helped support us during these two events.

pancakes 2018 2

pancakes 2018 3

Megan Waygood, St Vincent de Paul Coordinator - Junior Campus