A Midwinter's Dream



Being a part of Mr Lenehan’s production ‘A Midwinter’s Dream’ will always be one of my best experiences ever. I have to admit that at first it seemed like a huge commitment, but as it went along it became more and more exciting. There were many awkward moments during rehearsals, which were really quite funny. Mr Lenehan would sometimes get annoyed with us when we forget our lines, which was reasonable, but I guess that was a part of the overall experience. The first time we had to perform was in front of St Andrew’s Primary students. To be honest, many of us waiting back stage were really nervous, but as the play progressed, we all got more confident and encouraged by the great response from the audience. The biggest challenge was the final evening performance; everyone was scared and a little intimidated by the large crowd. Though, everyone encouraged each other and worked well together which led the night to be a huge success. It was really a great experience!

Mohika Jhamat




I was given the role of Lysander in the play “A Midwinters Dream” which was a modern take on Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Playing the role of Lysander was a very big challenge but at the same time a lot of fun. The director of the show (Mr Lenehan) organised many rehearsals after school, to ensure we performed our best on the night. With the help of rehearsals, learning lines became less of a problem as we were used to working with our fellow actors and got the hang of it. Also, Thomas, Riya, Clare and I, painted a box for Brandon to use as a costume as he played the role of a wall. We performed two shows, one for a primary school (St Andrews Primary) and one for the general public. Both shows turned out to be a great success. Though, it was a challenge to project my voice because unfortunately I fell sick on the day. I had to push through and do my best because we all know the saying  “The show must go on!”. Overall, the preparation for the play was really enjoyable but at the same time challenging. 

Angelo Marasigan



Being part of the play was a great experience. I started out with the character of Snout (Wall), and did a lot of rehearsing with the character. I got to know the character, and I was able to play the character very well. At the end of Term 2, I was given the role of the father, which meant I had another character to learn. It was, at first, all a bit confusing, but I did manage to memorise all the lines and play both characters. On most Wednesday’s, throughout Terms 1, 2 and 3, we rehearsed in the drama room. It was a memorable experience.          

Brandon Pollock



I learnt a lot of new techniques from the experience of being a part of ‘A Midwinter’s Dream’ and also, how to become a better actor. I had a great time spending it with people that I usually don’t spend time with and learning a lot about them and getting used to their acting style. We all had great ideas to contribute towards the play. The day of the performance was very nerve racking and we were all scared but the audience was very kind and laughed when they were supposed to laugh. Thus making it very easy to get back on stage!                        

Thomas McKinley








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