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On Thursday the 31st of May, Year 7.6 History presented their amazing Ancient Egyptian displays during the recent PBL (Project Based Learning) activity. Eight groups created an imaginative display to present to the audience (students and teachers) aiming to convince them to join the cult of their chosen Egyptian God/Goddess. These included Ra, Osiris, Taweret, Bastet, Seth and Asset to name a few. The audience were asked to vote for the group they thought was the most persuasive, engaging, alluring and convincing!

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It was astonishing to see the amount of effort and teamwork put into each and everyone’s displays and presentations. The PBL was a constructive and productive learning experience, which enforced a positive and inclusive learning environment. In the construction of the presentation we were confidently prepared with a manner of professionalism given that we entailed a strong team environment. We were put into groups with a collaborative attitude to the task. We assigned roles which better fit our personalities and positive advantages to foster our potential. We established a goal and we were determined to achieve it. We also assigned tasks in which we were to complete to ensure a fair group society. The task itself was a big workload and it was tricky balancing it efficiently and effectively. We collaborated on the design of which we successfully established and assembled on the day of the presentation.

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On the day of the presentation we were frantic, but when we were finally set up, we concentrated on performing professionally to convince our audience to join our cult! It was fun looking at all the displays – the classroom looked like a museum! In the end, everyone’s displays were successful and almost everything, including brochures, charms, raffles, treats, etc. were taken by the audience – which was our intention! Our teacher, Mr. Leahy, was very proud of the class, as we had been very productive with the quality work throughout four weeks of preparation, which resulted in a very successful display on presentation day.

The PBL task fosters full potential of an individual and a group. Allowing us to be given this opportunity was and will be a constructive experience which has proven beneficial to our learning.


Josiah Prasad, Bianca Infante, Niamh Healy, Ralph Ferrer, Eric Ngo and Loudonald Go
7.6 History


Mr. Leahy
7.6 History Teacher