HSC Chemistry Excursion to Warragamba Dam and Orchid Hills Water Filtration Plant

Chemistry Photo 1

Water is one of the most important resources used by man. It is used everyday for consumption, recreation, transport, industry and agriculture. These human activities have a huge impact on waterways.

In the HSC Chemistry course the students learn about the human impacts on waterways and the ways that these impacts are monitored and managed.

The excursion to Warragamba Dam and the Orchard Hills Water Filtration Plant reinforced the learning in the classroom.

Chemistry Photo 2
Upon arriving at Warragamba Dam not only were the students’ amazed at how beautiful and pristine the dam looked but also at how massive. The dam is the main supply for all of Sydney’s water, and, it is Water NSW’s responsibility to maintain the quality of the water. Students were shown the different ways that this was done and the parameters and criteria that were used to monitor the water’s quality. Students even carried out tests and analysed data on the water from the dam and a sediment pond. 

Chemistry Photo 3

After exploring the dam wall and having a quick lunch, the students were then taken to the Orchard Hills Water Filtration Plant for a tour.

On this part of the excursion the students saw the "raw water" supplied from Warragamba Dam enter the plant and followed the chemical and physical processes involved in its conversion to the drinking tap water we get in our homes.

Chemistry Photo 4

On this excursion students gained an insight on the work done behind the scenes that allow us to have clean water. They saw “chemistry in action” and began to appreciate the important role that scientists play every day in our society.

Mrs Caroline O’Hare
Leader of Learning- Science (Senior Campus)