Blacktown Streets Alive Parade




On Saturday 25th of May, students from Year 7 and the Year 12 SRC represented the College in the Blacktown Streets Alive Parade, which formed part of the Blacktown Festival.

The morning of the Parade was clear and sunny, a stark contrast to the inclement weather conditions that were originally forecasted. As they were during their practice marches, the students were diligent and organised, arriving at the venue early and looking their best in their uniforms. They were given flags to hold which represented the cultural diversity of the College.

Our students marched through the streets of Blacktown to the cheers of onlookers, proudly representing our great school. The students were fantastic ambassadors for St Andrews College, and should be commended on their outstanding character throughout the march.

I have received a plethora of comments about the discipline of our students and how fantastic we looked in our uniforms carrying our flags. We were fortunate enough to win the prize in the category for Education by the Blacktown City Council.

I would like to thank all of the students and staff who marched on the day and supported the event throughout the lead up.