The competence to realise dreams

St Andrews College has a strong academic record. This is the result of a comprehensive curriculum, learning support, extension programs, and extracurricular opportunities that are designed to meet the individual and diverse needs and abilities of students. These opportunities include:

  • a collaborative learning and teaching approach that combines research and evidence-based practice with innovation and creativity
  • a NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) approved curriculum in the key learning areas 
  • a wide range of elective studies including Music, Drama, Dance, Visual Arts, Languages, Design and Technology, Sports Science, and Vocational Education (Business Services, Construction, Fitness, Hospitality, Information and Digital Technology
  • integrated technologies to support online learning opportunities and digital capabilities of students anywhere, anytime
  • a comprehensive sporting program – soccer, netball, basketball, volleyball, athletics, swimming, cross-country, diving, dance, oz tag, softball, touch football, futzal and rugby league
  • acceleration, enrichment, extension and study support programs 
  • a learning support program – Special needs, English as a Second Language, learning difficulties and a specialist satellite class for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • the Lighthouse Project – specialising in literacy and learning support for boys
  • parent education opportunities on a range of student-related issues e.g. study advice and post-school option.

Years 11 and 12

Subjects which are offered for student selection are listed below. Because of the large number of students within the College, it is usual for most combinations of subjects to be possible, and for most or all of those offered to attract sufficient students in order to run. However, there is no guarantee that a student can undertake a particular combination of subjects. If there is only one class in each of two subjects, and these classes happen to be timetabled simultaneously, the student does just one of the subjects. Every attempt is made to avoid such clashes.

Further, there are minimum class sizes below which it is not possible to run a class. The inclusion of a given subject in the curriculum for a particular year depends on the number of students choosing that subject. Any student who begins study of a subject in Year 11 is able to complete study of that subject for the HSC.

The subjects below form our senior curriculum. In many subjects, students must meet prerequisites in order to undertake the subject. These are detailed in the College Guide to Subjects which is issued in May each year when students undertake subject selection.

 Religious Education

  • Studies of Religion I (1 Unit)
  • Studies of Religion II
  • Studies in Catholic Thought (1 Unit)


  • English Advanced
  • English Standard
  • English Studies
  • English Extension I
  • English Extension II (1 Unit HSC Course Only)


  • Mathematics Advanced
  • Mathematics Standard 1 (1 Unit HSC Course Only)
  • Mathematics Standard 2
  • Mathematics Extension 1 (1 Unit)
  • Mathematics Extension 2 (1 Unit HSC Course only)


  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth and Environmental Science
  • Investigating Science
  • Physics
  • Science Extension 1 (1 Unit HSC Course Only)

Human Society and its Environment

  • Ancient History
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • History Extension 1 (1 Unit HSC Course Only)
  • Legal Studies
  • Modern History
  • Society & Culture
  • Work Studies (1 Unit Board Endorsed Course)

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

  • Community and Family Studies
  • Exploring Early Childhood (Board Endorsed Course)
  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
  • Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation (Board Endorsed Course)



  • Japanese Beginners
  • Japanese Continuers
  • Japanese Extension (1 Unit HSC Course only)


  • Design & Technology
  • Engineering Studies
  • Food Technology
  • Industrial Technology - Multimedia Technologies
  • Industrial Technology - Timber Products and Furniture Technologies 
  • Information Processes and Technology
  • Textiles and Design

Creative Arts

  • Drama
  • Music 1
  • Visual Arts 

Vocational Education and Training (VET)

  • Business Services
  • Construction
  • Fitness
  • Hospitality
  • Information and Digital Technology

External Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

  • Animal Studies
  • Automotive
  • Children's Services
  • Electrotechnology
  • Human Services

Years 9 and 10

Every student in Years 9 and 10 studies a common 'core' of subjects. In addition, each student studies two subjects from the “electives” list. Students undertake a process of subject selection for Year 9, during Term 3 in Year 8. Parents are warmly invited and strongly encouraged to share in this process.

Core subjects

  • Religious Education
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • History
  • Geography

Elective subjects

  • Child Studies
  • Commerce
  • Dance
  • Design and Technology
  • Drama
  • Elective History
  • Food Technology
  • Geography (Elective)
  • Industrial Technology – Engineering
  • Industrial Technology - Multimedia
  • Industrial Technology – Timber
  • Information and Software Technology
  • Japanese
  • Music
  • Physical Activities and Sports Science
  • Textiles Technology
  • Visual Arts

Years 7 and 8

Core Subjects:

  • Religious Education
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Music
  • Visual Arts
  • Japanese (Year 8 only)
  • Technology - Mandatory