Technology Requirements

We are at the forefront of the use of technology in the classroom and use it across all curriculum areas, where it enhances teaching and learning. The program not only provides students with access to expanded global resources and content, but gives students the opportunity to take ownership of their learning and facilitate creative problem solving.


Year 7 2023

St Andrews College requires that parents provide one of the following devices for their child in Year 7 2023.

  • Apple Laptop - MacOS 11 or above
  • Windows Laptop - Running Windows 10 + Windows 11

iPads and Tablets are no longer supported as these devices do not have keyboards to support students in their extended response writing. Chromebooks, iPads and tablets cannot run the software required for students to successfully complete the mandatory Technology courses taught at the College.

Year 8  to 12 2023

The College has begun the Phase-out of the use of iPads within the classroom in Years 7-12.

When purchasing a new device for your child we ask that you purchase a Windows or Mac Laptop as iPads, tablets and Chromebooks can no longer support the learning experiences required for our College Curriculum.

There is no requirement that the current iPads that students own and use in class be updated in 2023.