St Andrews College provides opportunities for each student to become a creative, competent, compassionate, and confident person with an informed conscience and a firm conviction of faith.

Students are guided to be supportive companions sharing a friend's life journey and having common high aspirations and goals for the greater good and social justice of our world.

The College Mission

Our Mission is to:

  • foster a spirituality that enables us to experience the fullness of our Christian traditions and the example of the life of St Andrew
  • develop in our College, an awareness of the needs of others and the capacity to respond with compassion and justice
  • provide a safe and caring community based on respect for ourselves, each other and the environment
  • provide a learning environment so that students can focus on achieving their best outcomes
  • offer a diverse curriculum that develops the whole person and helps students to achieve their personal best
  • prepare students to be worthy citizens of the wider community, through living out the values of the College.  


The College Crest

Our crest has four elements, each linked to an aspect of the College:

  • the Cross is the St Andrews Cross. Tradition has it that St Andrew, like all the apostles except St John, was crucified for his faith in Christ. However, his crucifixion was unusual because he was nailed to a diagonal cross.

  • the Book symbolises two elements at the heart of our College: the Bible and learning. As a symbol of the Bible, it reminds us that we exist as a Catholic school to proclaim faith in Christ. As a symbol of learning, it reminds us of our central task and that of every good school.

  • the Star is the seven-pointed star from the Australian Flag. It reminds us of our nation, and of the many diverse people who make up our country. It is also a symbol of Mary, Star of the Sea, the mother of Jesus. Thirdly, the star is a reminder that we should each reach for the stars in aiming for our personal best.

  • the Motto 'Faith in Christ,' expresses the foundation of our school. It is our Faith in Christ that gives us our sense of meaning and purpose.

By being people for others, doing more and going beyond and through their Faith in Christ students at St Andrews College have the potential to change our world.